About us

Fractalspin was started back in 2003 by Liz McLean Knight to sell some nerdy jewelry (starting with Liz's own line, Zelle), kickass innovative electronic music, music accessories & toys, amusing tshirts, and neat gadgets that made our daily lives more efficient, entertaining, stylish, worthwhile or any combination of the above. We like to think of Fractalspin as a pretty cool geek boutique. Here you'll find all sorts of geeky fashion accessories and lifestyle products that aren't lame. Sure there are other geek suppliers online, but we're unique in that we hand pick only those items that are stylish and hip, steering clear of everything cheesy, dorky, or in just plain bad taste. And because of that, it's not just those fashionable geeks in love with us--we appeal to visual artists, musicians, new media artisans, crafty & creative / DIY types, filmmakers, hipsters, nerdsters, technologists, the cool kids, and tons more humans with great taste.


It's very nice to know that there's always someone I can consult when I encounter troubles shopping at FractalSpin :) You guys are really friendly and the replies are fast and satisfying! ...Thank you so much for your service, in fact, I'll recommend every friend I know who wants to buy stuff to go to FractalSpin :)

Kate H., Taipei TAIWAN

[Fractalspin is] filled with geeky, yet fashionable stuff. Not all of us are Thinkgeek style nerds. Some of us indulge in the digital without sacrificing hygiene.

Ramon C., Chicago IL USA

This stuff is funky and fashionable. I can't think of anything more suitable for a unique geek such as myself. My friends are totally jealous of my 1337 bling.

Brandi A., Statesboro GA USA

I went into a bar last week and got the usual, "Lemme see your ID." I whipped out the "Silver Wallet," hit the button to pop out my ID and quite literally had a crowd form around me. The guy working the door made me follow him so I could show it to the bartender. Just like everything else on this site, it's so unique, you can't help but ask about it.

Ramon C., Chicago IL USA